Commodities trading

Trade a wide range of commodity CFDs using one of the most popular commodity trading platforms. Commodities CFDs are particularly useful when hedging your current holdings.

How does commodity CFD trading work?

Commodities are usually traded in exchanges that specialise in these products, like the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) or the London Metal Exchange.

Commodity CFDs are traded using standard size lots – e.g. 1,000 barrels of crude oil.

When trading commodities with Alpha Trading Hub, you are actually trading it as a CFD, which means you are only trading the price movement and not the actual commodity.

This gives you the flexibility to trade a fraction of the standard contract. So, instead of trading 1,000 barrels of oil, you can trade a smaller lot of 100 barrels. This is ideal particularly if you are just starting out in trading commodities, as you can set aside a smaller amount of your trading capital to get exposure in this liquid market.

Commodity list

ProductContract SizeLeverageMin VolumeMax VolumeTrading Hours
Gold1001:2000.0110000:05 – 22:55
Silver50001:2000.0110000:05 – 22:55
US Oil Spot1001:2000.0110000:05 – 22:55
UK Oil Spot1001:2000.0110000:05 – 22:55
NGAS10001:2000.0110000:05 – 22:55
Platinum1001:2000.0110000:05 – 22:55

Trade commodity CFDs with Alpha Trading Hub

Commodities trading is the buying and selling of raw physical assets like Gold or GAS. Commodities are the building blocks of the global economy; they are the raw materials. There are two types of commodities – hard and soft. 

Soft commodities are those that tend to be grown such as: Gas and Platinum. Hard resources are typically those natural resources that need to be extracted in some form. These include commodities such as gold and oil.

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