Indices trading

Indices trading offers a diversified way to trade the movements of the global equity markets without the need to identify, trade or directly own any specific stocks or group of stocks.

Trade major world indices

A stock market index is a measurement of a section of the stock market. It is calculated from the prices of selected stocks. Stock market indices are used by investors to describe the market and compare the return on specific investments. Follow all the major world indices live with Alpha Trading Hub.

For many traders, it means you can focus your efforts on a few index CFDs as opposed to having to analyse hundreds of stocks in order to make a trading decision.

When you trade Index CFDs with Alpha Trading Hub, you’re given access to the Cash CFD, which means you’re simply trading on the movement of the index’s prices rather than purchasing the underlying futures contract. This allows you to trade in small contract sizes, which is perfect for those who are just starting out with Indices trading.

Index Portfolio

ProductContract SizeLeverageMin VolumeMax VolumeTrading Hours
S&P 500101:2000.0110000:05 – 22:15
Nasdaq 100101:2000.0110000:05 – 22:15
UK 100101:2000.0110000:05 – 22:15
Japan 225101:2000.0110000:05 – 22:15
Dow Jones 30101:2000.0110000:05 – 22:15
Germany 30101:2000.0110000:05 – 22:15
Hang Seng 50101:2000.0110000:05 – 22:15
EU 50101:2000.0110000:05 – 22:15
France 40101:2000.0110000:05 – 22:15
Italy 40101:2000.0110000:05 – 22:15
Australia 200101:2000.0110000:05 – 22:15
Shanghai Composite101:2000.0110000:05 – 22:15
Spain 35101:2000.0110000:05 – 22:15

What are some popular indices?

CFDs provide opportunities to trade the world’s most popular indices. Alpha Trading Hub offers CFDs on a wide range of indices from all over the globe ranging from iconic indices like the NASDAQ 100, Dow Jones and FTSE 100 to more particular indices such as the Wig 20 or the IBEX 35.


Take a look on this page to discover all the indices you can trade with us. You can organise the entirety of our indices instrument table by the most traded, most volatile, top risers and top fallers. Our interactive table displays prices in real time as well as shows the past two days percentage change. Follow live indices prices and charts.