Commodities Trading


Why People Love To Trade Commodities ?

Deep liquidity and the absence of influence by high inflation make this asset class worthwhile for both beginners and professional traders

One of the most popular commodity contracts is the Oil CFDs. Since oil is consider an indicator of global economic health, investors speculate on its price, as it usually goes up when the economy is growing

CFDs on indices can be traded with the margin as low as 0.5%; this means $100 will control a $20,000 position. Check out the variety and advantages of our trading accounts

The majority of the commodity markets are open on almost a 24-hour basis, which are also the hours that CFDs are normally trading


CFDs on spot commodities are a great way to participate in the commodity markets and a perfect trading solution because of their low or negative correlations and high Alpha Trading advantageous trading environment, this asset class can bring exceptional opportunities and boost the variability of our clients’ trading strategies. You can buy and sell CFDs on spot commodities with best-of-market spreads and spot execution without having additional foreign exchange exposure.